An ECHO'S WAY Adventure

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself alone, the only human remaining on an alien occupied planet? Could you cope? Would you survive? How would you deal with the loneliness, and the knowledge that you were the only human being within forty light years?


When the small communities of Corros, a remote human colony world, come under attack from the Tolleani, an alien species with whom humanity is at war, Echo, a young woman finds herself the sole survivor.

For three years she survives alone, wondering why nobody has come to rescue her. Then, the aliens return to set up a research base at the community which had once been her home. For another year, she hides alone in the nearby mountains, until the first human ship arrives, to be promptly captured by the aliens.

When Ben, a member of the captured crew, escapes, he stumbles upon Echo's hideaway. She needs his help to escape, but soon learns that he has an agenda of his own, and needs her help to achieve it.


Science-Fiction Action / Adventure 

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Solitude's End. 1st book of the Echo's Way Series, is fabulous. I enjoyed it very much. My mind is now dazzling with imagination of what the next book will be like. I have just purchased the second book. This is a series I do not want to put down, I enjoy the continuing actions of Echo, the lead female character in the book and Ben providing her a way off planet. If there were grammatical errors I didn't notice any, but if there was it didn't bother my enjoyment of the book at all. The format is perfect. This is a book you do not want to miss reading. Keep up the good work. Thanks very much!!!

Barry - Amazon Kindle

Reviewed By Paul F. Johnson for Readers’ Favorite

Solitude’s End: Book 1 of Echo's Way by Mike Waller starts in Corros, a small human colony world loaded with a rich mineral needed by the humans in their war against the Tolleani, an alien species and the only other known advanced beings in the galaxy. Life is good in the settlements of Corros until that day, the day the Tolleani came bringing death and total destruction and leaving Echo, a young woman, the sole survivor.

For three years she survives alone, praying for rescue. Then the aliens return to set up a research base at her old home community. For another year, she hides alone in the nearby mountains wondering if the humans will ever return. One day a human ship arrives but is quickly captured by the aliens. Ben, a member of the captured crew, manages to escape and stumbles upon Echo's hideout. She and Ben must work together if they are to escape, but a series of events leaves them with only one last chance; if they can survive long enough to take it. 

I’m a big science fiction fan and the sub-genre of Space Opera is one of my favorites. Solitude’s End: Book 1 of Echo's Way by Mike Waller with aliens, space ships, death, and survival did not disappoint. All in all, it’s just a good fun read. The main characters, Echo and Ben and the alien Koll, are strong and well developed. The plot is solid and the story kept my attention. I can see many sequels in the future for the Echo’s Way series. Very good book, I enjoyed it. 

Great book could not put it down until I had finished it, cannot wait to read the next instalment hope to read all the books

Brian - Goodreads

This is a fun story to read. I got hooked from the start and couldn't put it down! Echo and Ben are good characters but I'd love to know more than the surface emotions revealed here. The Tollean enemy are this overwhelming force taken down a notch by two scrappy humans. Good story and quick to read.

Michelle - Amazon Kindle

A somewhat different take on a dystopian theme. The characters were very well developed and the story moved along very smoothly. A very enjoyable read!

Anthony - Goodreads