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 Unseen by human eyes, something sinister is attacking the inner solar system.

In his third clone incarnation, Joe has dedicated his life to two unwavering pursuits: the hunt for the elusive Tanakhai starships and the construction of a colossal war fleet. His mission - to protect humanity from the inevitable alien onslaught he believes is coming.

An alien fleet suddenly enters the solar system, and the fate of humanity once again hangs in the balance. Positioned beyond Jupiter's orbit, the Fleet of Humanity stands ready, expecting an all-out battle. But, to everyone's shock, the alien intruders don't attack. Instead, four of their enigmatic vessels vanish, leaving the rest in an eerie stalemate. What is their true agenda?

Humanity soon discovers the grim truth—a catastrophic crisis unfolds on Mercury and Venus, threatening the very existence of all human worlds. Time is running out, and the stakes have never been higher.

"FALCON'S BANE" is the thrilling conclusion to the multi-award winning Falcon Trilogy, by author Mike Waller. Join the indomitable Joe Falcon as he faces humanity's greatest and most relentless adversary in a final showdown that will leave you breathless. Don't miss the climax of this epic saga – grab your copy of "FALCON'S BANE" now and experience the ultimate battle for survival!
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Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers' Favorite

Joe Falcon aspires to a quiet life where his family adventures can finally take precedence over the incessant reminders of his previous efforts to prevent humanity's extinction. Everything seems to be proceeding as planned until a fleet of unidentified ships suddenly appears on the horizon. Joe believes there is mischief afoot while the heads of humanity's governments choose to watch. His suspicions are accurate as an extraterrestrial artificial intelligence is preparing a last-ditch effort to conquer humanity and plunder the enormous resources their solar system has to offer. Joe must once more step up as humanity's savior to prevent Trauq-An from succeeding in its cunning mission in Mike Waller's Falcon's Bane.

Man and machine square off in a decisive battle in Mike Waller's conclusion of the Falcon Trilogy. Although the plot is part of a continuing arc, Waller crafts it well enough to be enjoyed as a stand-alone story. He offers pertinent synopses of the earlier books, which effectively piques the reader's curiosity about how Falcon's Bane will unfold. The characters are masterfully written, and the introduction of ideas like human cloning works quite nicely in a story in which the future human race lives on several planets. Trauq-An's line of reasoning is an example of how Waller uses simple language to explain the story's technical elements. It is easy to assume that Joe's motivations are driven by revenge when you follow his discussions with Leo. Falcon's Bane is the ideal book for fans of science fiction because it blends cutting-edge world-building with remarkably immersive storytelling.

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