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An ECHO'S WAY Adventure

Persephone, a dark, alien moon drenched by incessant rain, the air poisonous and every land surface overflowing with life so hostile and aggressive that just being there is to put your life at risk. And hidden among that living morass, the greatest of all secrets.

The war between Humanity and the Tolleani, a vast and powerful galactic empire, rolls ever onward, and Echo, now a member of Fleet, finds herself in a Special Services rescue squad, assigned a mission of inestimable importance to the Federation. Faced with a virus that threatens to decimate humanity, Echo’s squad must rescue a team of scientists who may possess the solution to the crisis.

From the beginning the mission does not go as planned, becoming worse when Echo realizes the greatest threat to her continued survival comes not from the enemy, but from within her own squad. Captured by the Tolleani, she learns that her greatest enemy is also present on this tiny, deadly world. 

When she discovers the true purpose of the mission, she fights to deal with her overpowering obsession to revenge her lost family. Finding herself alone, she joins the most unlikely of allies in her efforts to salvage what remains of the mission.


A science fiction action-adventure by Australian author Mike Waller author