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Do you enjoy getting to read an author's books before anyone else?
If so, why not join my ARC Team.


ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy, and it is a pre-publication version of a brand new book that is sent out to select readers by the author, before it is actually published (usually by at 2-3 weeks).

The ARC reader may choose to advise the author if they find errors in the text (remember you are reading an unpublished work) so these may be corrected before the final edition goes to print. I really appreciate this from those who choose to do so.

The ARC reader will prepare a review and will then lodge it for the book within 1-2 days publication, on various sights as chosen by the reviewer. Reviews are not conditional upon the receipt of the book, however when joining an ARC team the reader does so with the agreement that they will voluntarily leave a fair review wherever possible, in return for a free copy of the book. 

The ARC reader will also be a person who deeply enjoys the genre, and specifically likes my books. A person who, for example, does not especially like Sci-Fi, would not want to ARC read for that genre. Nor would someone who does not like Mike Waller books.

If you like my books, love Sci-Fi, and would like to be an  ARC reader for my team, I would love for you to apply.

ARC reading, and leaving reviews, are the best possible way you can give something back to authors you would like to support. It costs nothing, you get to read books before publication, and earn the author's undying gratitude.


If you would like to be an ARC reader for my books:

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