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Box Set Books 1-2-3
Solitude's End - Dark World - Enemy Ally

The Echo’s Way stories tell the adventures of Echo Bourke, a remarkable young woman who finds herself embroiled against her will in the harsh reality of a war between the Federation of Humanity and a powerful alien neighbor, the Tolleani.

Each Book is a separate adventure, rather than part of a continuing, single story. There is no ‘to be continued’ and no cliff-hanger endings. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story in the life of our heroine.

This volume contains the first three ECHO’S WAY adventures.


The first two short novels were written prior to the stories becoming a series, and are an introduction to the character, Echo Bourke, giving us the story of where she came from and what events led to her involvement with the war between Humankind and the Tolleani.

Book 3 is the first full length ECHO novel, and tells the tale of her first mission as part of the Federation Space Forces.

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