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Sometimes, death is necessary.

Two thousand years after the Great Diaspora humanity has spread across the Orion Spur, the human domain fractured and diverse, divided into numerous small federations, empires, dictatorships and a thousand unaligned and lonely planets.

On one of those small worlds a plant grows, a weed that feeds the addiction of many and the greed and avarice of a few, and kills without favor.

Lazarus Hawk, ex-soldier and ex-mercenary, convicted of a crime of terror he did not commit, and sentenced to life on an airless prison moon from which there is no escape, has been offered a way out. It’s a chance. A good chance.

To accept the offer, all he has to do is die.

Forced to undertake a mission against his better judgment, Hawk finds himself teaming up with the locals of a small, backward world, and Abbie Renner, a young Guarda officer searching for the source of the drug Hellfire, and prepared to go to any lengths. This time she has gone too far. This time she needs help.

Can Hawk overcome the mistrust and reticence of a small colony world to accomplish the mission he has been forced to undertake in return for his life?

If you like great, classic science fiction, you will love this new work by multi-award-winning author Mike Waller, an action packed dive into the world of a galactic mercenary driven by the ghosts from his past. Grab a copy now and join Lazarus Hawk in his search for justice for a remote colony world.

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B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 2020


We are proud to announce that HAWK: Hellfire by Mike Waller, is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. 

Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion awards.


Bronze Medal Winner - Reader's Favorite International Book Awards 2021 

Fiction - Science Fiction

Reviewed by Saifunnissa Hassam for Readers' Favorite

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mike Waller's HAWK: Hellfire for its key characters, Hawk, Abbie, and Sarnai, and for its richly imagined setting. Hawk, Abbie, and Sarnai are driven by different motives. I liked the development of the key characters, how their life experiences influence them, their courage in fighting Basa, and how the challenges on Scenna change them. Hawk comes to terms with his mercenary past. Abbie shows herself to be extraordinarily resilient and capable of leadership beyond that of a Guarda officer. Sarnai must consider Scenna's ability to defend itself against off- world greed for its rare metal resources. I liked the involvement of Scenna's ordinary people and how Hawk builds trust and teamwork. Finally, I loved the vivid and richly imagined history of humanity's expansion from Earth into deep space, and the impact of quantum drives on interstellar expansion. HAWK: Hellfire is a terrific science fiction tale, full of action, and is thought-provoking!


The Silver Award is bestowed on books that expertly deliver complex characters, intricate worlds, and thought provoking themes. The ease with which the story is told is a reflection of the author’s talent in exercising fluent, powerful, and appropriate language.


Hawk: Hellfire follows Lazarus Hawk and Abigail Renner as they are tasked – more like forced in Hawk’s case – to track down the source of a vicious drug known as hellfire. Set across planets with humanity in fractured societies, the convicted felon, and Guarda officer, team up to overthrow a dictatorship in the small world that created the worst drug known to humanity.

As a fan of science fiction, the intergalactic setting with numerous planets, alliances, and empires that spans across the galaxy sparked the deep love I have for the genre. This was not at the forefront of the novel, but it was wildly creative, executed finely, and fits its needs for the story. The journey through space and planets was fun and each planet exuded a unique culture without diverting attention away from the story.

Our protagonist, Hawk, was a great character to follow with his own scars and motives that moved the plot forward. Hawk was very likable though, being more of an anti-hero type with a complicated past as an ex-soldier, ex-mercenary, and framed convict, but the novel reveals his strong morals and his kinder nature than usual mercenaries. This made following and rooting for him easy.

Mike Waller’s writing style was a joy to read. Every line seemed to jump at you and scream action with his strong choice of active verbs. Waller had a smooth and digestible style that blasted every sentence forward with momentum and didn’t distract from the story with flowery writing.

The story of Hawk: Hellfire was an adrenaline-pumping action piece, complete with drug lords, cops and corrupt government officials. It was hard to put it down at times and had me guessing where it would go next. The effects of the ‘hellfire’ were intriguing and well implemented, and it was interesting to see what people did under the influence and how our characters had to deal with it. It all comes together with an extremely satisfying ending to an exciting, but ultimately uplifting novel. Perfect for science fiction fans looking for a gritty and entertaining space opera.

The BookViral Review:

A superbly well-written novel HAWK: Hellfire proves a relentless no excuses military science fiction thriller that combines all the required ingredients of the subgenre. Quick to gather momentum Waller’s plot is intelligent and suspenseful without the burden of unnecessary complexity whilst seamlessly integrated futuristic weaponry adds a sense of authenticity.


Far too many Military Science Fiction novels are long in the telling, with overly complicated plots and in this respect, Waller has pitched HAWK: Hellfire just right. Creating a vivid sense of time and place that wholly transports us to Scenna, a world that feels alive and lived in whilst managing to engage our imagination to the fullest. Characters are well nuanced and multi-layered whilst battle scenes are succinctly crafted without being repetitious.


As is most often the case with Science Fiction novels, it’s the journey that matters more than the destination and it’s certainly true of Waller’s novel. Yes, the familiar genre tropes are evident but he never allows them to spiral into unearned sentiment though his masterstroke is the character of Hawk himself as he struggles with the implications and consequences of his past and present actions.


Original and compelling science fiction from Mike Waller, HAWK: Hellfire is highly recommended!  

Amazon Review 18/07/2020

I LOVED this new book,  HAWK Hellfire!   Hellfire is a devastating, illegal street drug in the far future. Krystian (Hawk) Hauken’s mission has nothing to do with drugs - he thinks. Guarda officer, Abigail (Abbie) Renner’s mission has everything to do with drugs and nothing to do with Hawk - she thinks. Unfortunately, drug lords don’t care what anyone thinks...
Absolutely great story and characters, realistic dialogue and satisfying ending. I’m hoping to read more about Hawk and Abbie in the future!

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