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Six decades after the Blackship War, Earth is once again under alien attack, the weapon of choice one that humanity could never anticipate, and never hope to counter. Humankind is being attacked by its own planet.

Six decades after the departure of the gigantic, alien star-ship dubbed the ‘Minaret’, Joe Falcon thinks it is finally over, and he can settle down to a better, quieter life.

He is wrong.

At the outermost edge of the Solar System lurks an alien intelligence the like of which humanity has never before encountered, with an agenda of its own.

As the leading authority of the Minaret, it falls to Joe to find a solution and travel billions of kilometers to confront Mankind’s greatest ever threat. But how do you deal with a mind so alien, so advanced, and so filled with hatred, that nothing will sway it from its destructive course.

Joe must find a way. If humanity is to survive, he has no choice.

If you enjoyed the multi-award-winning Falcon’s Call, you will love this long awaited sequel. Grab a copy of Falcon’s Ghost now, and join Joe Falcon on this amazing voyage to the farthest reaches of our Solar System.

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Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Falcon’s Ghost is a work of fiction in the science fiction genre and serves as the second installment in the Falcon Books series. It is suitable for the general reading audience and was penned by author Mike Waller. Set sixty years after the Blackship War, the book resumes the journey of Joe Falcon, who has spent the interim since the first book trying to enjoy a simpler and more peaceful life. This serenity is savagely ended when Earth once more comes under alien attack. As the only person who truly understands the threat, Joe must find a way to broker peace with an entity consumed by its hatred for living things.

Falcon's Ghost is a highly engaging science-fiction novel that entrenches us in mysterious alien lands. One of the things I enjoyed the most about this story was how well-developed and intriguing the characters were. Falcon is a flawed but sympathetic and engaging protagonist, and Waller does a masterful job of making Falcon a character who is easy to connect with. Author Mike Waller is a master at building suspense and mystery, and I found myself on the edge of my seat, waiting to discover both Falcon and humanity's fate. The descriptive work in the book is vivid and immersive, making it easy to imagine the world of action-packed sci-fi events and easy for you to feel like you're there alongside Falcon. Overall, I felt the work was action-packed and well written, with its own flavor that separates it from other books in the same genres. I would not hesitate to recommend Falcon's Ghost to those who enjoy fast-paced and action-packed science-fiction stories or those looking for a gateway into the genre.

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Falcon’s Ghost is the highly anticipated sequel to Mike Waller’s multi award-winning triumph Falcon’s Call. The novel is set in a brilliant distant future and follows the story of legendary galactic explorer, Joe Falcon, who is thrown back into chaos when a major alien starship, the “Minaret”, suddenly goes missing. Falcon is forced to face a myriad of old and new challenges to locate the Minaret and finds himself combatting a threat greater than humanity itself can handle.

As far as action goes, Waller’s novel is packed to the brim. The pace of the narrative is rapid enough to keep the reader engaged, while not being too overwhelming. Waller’s writing delivers a story that is intelligent and charming; laced with all kinds of incredibly interesting space-related details. Those who enjoy the science fiction genre, as well as those who just enjoy action-packed narratives, will find this book intriguing and fascinating from cover to cover. Personally, I was drawn into the turbulent yet great legacy tied to Falcon from the book’s second paragraph.

The point of Waller’s writing that I enjoy most is how he establishes settings and characters with so much detail. His location descriptions were so vivid and engaging that I found myself being immersed in the story with ease. Despite the story being completely fictitious, there is a quality to Waller’s narrative that is so enticing and seems completely based in reality.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of Falcon’s Ghost. There are countless elements of the story that I liked immensely; the characters, the narrative development, the settings, the descriptive details, etc. As I mentioned, Waller truly had me captivated from start to finish. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires to read an intelligent space adventure story that has a thrilling storyline.

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The I.A.N. (Independent Authors Network) is granted each year to outstanding books in a variety of categories. Each category includes a number of finalists of which one work is chosen as the outstanding book of the year.

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